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Basement Conversions in Wirral

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If you’re thinking about converting your basement into another room but are unsure where to start, we can help. We have completed hundreds of basement conversions in Wirral and the surrounding areas.
A basement conversion requires a lot of planning ahead to make sure we have all the required materials to do the work.
Structural Upgrades
We will inspect the foundations of your basement and address any structural issues to make sure it is safe and secure.
Our expert planners and designers will help you with the layout and design of your basement and bring your ideas to reality.
Painting & Decorating
A basement conversion wouldn’t be complete without painting and decorating it to your own unique taste.
Basement Conversion Wirral

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Possibly the Best Celler Conversions in Wirral

As you can see from the photos above, Wirral Building Services has undertaken all types of basement conversions in Wirral, Liverpool and Chester. Most people convert their basement into another living room, bedroom or even a games room. However, quite a lot of people work from home these days and choose to convert their basements into an office.

Whatever your plans are for your basement, our team of builders are ready and waiting.

Let us help you bring your ideas to life and invest your money wisely.

How do we Convert a Basement?

There’s an awful lot of work involved in a basement conversion. First, we must discuss your ideas about what you want to do with your basement. Once we know your plans, we will help you plan and design the basement and bring your ideas to life.

We will start by assessing the current condition of your basement. We will look for any structural issues or signs of damp and wood rot. We will also check the brickwork in the basement for missing mortar and replace any crumbling or cracked bricks. Once the brickwork and any structural issues have been addressed, we will replace any rotting timbers and dampproof the basement.

If you plan to fit another small kitchen or bathroom into your basement, we will do that now before plastering the walls and ceilings. Once we have finished the basement renovation, our painters and decorators will paint the ceilings and walls and hang your choice of wallpaper with a perfect finish.

Basement Conversion Specialist

Alan Sharkey Builder Wirral

Why Should you Choose us?

If quality workmanship and guarantees are important to you then you should definitely give us a call. We have over 30 years experience doing basement conversions in Wirral. Our work is of the highest quality and our prices are very competitive.


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